The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Taking a Break

So it has been almost a week. I taught on Tuesday, but not any other day this week. When I started this blog, I had the goal of writing at least once each day during the week. Of course, I had also planned on having teaching assignments on each of those days, which would provide the much-needed inspiration for blog topics. This week was the first time that I had missed a day at all (not including holidays). I’ve had a total of 48 blog posts (this one included) in the nine weeks since I started writing about my adventures. Not bad, considering that I should only have 45 total. Of course, some of the posts have been really late in the day, but I’ve tried to get them out there.

I need to figure out how I can better track who my visitors are. I can track the number of unique hits to the site, which is why I know that on October 20 I had 43 hits (the highest to date). I also know that I tend to average 14 visitors on any given day. So I’m interested in figuring out who you folks are who are stopping by and visiting.

I also need to figure out what exactly I’ll be doing over the next two weeks. As I’ve indicated, I am planning on spending a lot of time putting together my philosophy of education. It has been something hovering on the back-burner for several months, and I had a friend recently ask me to share my philosophy with her. I want to have something that is fairly concise but still covers the points that I believe are most important. However, I don’t know if I will be posting every single day during the break. I will be home every day while my wife is at work, but I want to use the time to read, to write, and to catch up on things. So we’ll see what happens.

As always, if you have any topics you’d like to read about, please leave them in the comments. Otherwise I might just default to posting videos of awful holiday music. And as much as we all love terrible music, I’d rather keep this focused on education. So if you don’t see a post here every day, don’t worry. It just means that I am taking a break, as well!


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