The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Valentine's Day

Today I was a 6th grade math teacher at Edison Middle School in Champaign. I had the option to choose between teaching middle school and teaching a grade school class and I chose the middle school option, hoping to avoid the insane festivities in an elementary class surrounding a holiday. I was able to avoid most of the festivities, but the last class of the day, which was the homeroom period, had a mini celebration.

The students had had opportunities to purchase candy grams for each other. The purchase allowed them to leave a note and give them a piece of candy. I think I messed this up when I distributed the candy-grams, though, because I thought I was told that each student was to get a piece of candy. Actually, it was a piece of candy for each -gram. Oops. Oh well. Nobody seemed to complain.

It was fun working with these students again. I was in this class just a couple of weeks ago. When I was last there first periods of the day were crazy. This time, they were all surprisingly well behaved. Last time, I had an awesome time with the last two classes, which were the honors classes. This time, these classes were a bit out of hand. Still not terrible, but they were noisy and easily distracted. I’m pretty certain they were all looking forward to the candy-grams and so they wanted the day to be over. Still, they did their work (or tried their hardest–it was actually pretty difficult stuff) so I wasn’t too upset.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Or, if you prefer, happy Lupercalia!


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