The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Taking a Test

Sorry about the late blog post, folks! I had several other commitments this evening, and then my wife decided that we should eat dinner and we wanted to watch a movie, too.

Anyway, I wasn’t with my class this morning. My wife had a doctor’s appointment, and I decided to take the morning off so that I could go with her. (She is fine, by the way.) When I got back, the class was doing a phenomenal job working with their substitute teacher, who was going over a math review with them.

After lunch, I finished reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and then we had some free time in class before taking the test. (I had a couple of students out of the room, and I wanted to wait for everyone to be there before we started.) We reviewed the expectations we have during tests: no talking, no cheating, and no getting out of your seat without first asking. I reminded them that these expectations are in full force until everyone has finished the test. I also issued the usual warning that anyone who talks during the test will have to take it again the following day in the principal’s office.

I was very pleased that the class was respectful of one another throughout the time. Nobody was talking, nobody was getting out of their seats and, as far as I could tell, nobody was peeking at anyone else’s test. (They put up folders to block the view, anyway.) It took a little bit longer than I initially expected for everyone to finish but you know what? That was totally okay. Everyone got time to work on the test and give their best effort. Those who finished early got time to read, write, or draw.

At the end of the day, I gave the students the usual high five as they filed out the door. One student who has shunned the high five actually gave me one today. I still get the two girls who just give me one, and the couple of boys who prefer to smack their heads against my hand, but that’s okay. I like to end the day with a positive note, and I think it works well.

Tomorrow we begin week two of Dodgeball. I have to remember to select two random students to assist as referees during the games. Should be a good time!


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