The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Picture Day

Today was Picture Day.

For those who are not familiar with this annual American school event, it is the one day a year that nearly everyone in the school dresses extra nice in order to sit awkwardly on a stool for five seconds and have a picture taken.

This was my first Picture Day since my student teaching days back in 2007. (Well, actually, not quite–I was there for Picture Day a year ago when subbing, but the photographers wouldn’t let me have my picture taken. I was sad.) It was fun watching as the students entered the building.

Most of the girls were wearing dresses or skirts, although some were not too happy about it. They also had their hair done up to look extra nice. One girl told me immediately that her mom did her hair, in a tone that clearly implied that it was her mom’s idea not hers. I spoke to her mom later and learned that it was very much my student’s idea to do her hair the way she did. Kids are funny that way.

The boys were mostly wearing polo shirts, although one boy wore a button-down. Alas, there were no ties on my students. I guess my wear-a-tie-every-day policy didn’t quite rub off on them. Some of the boys also had their hair done, although for them this meant mohawks and spikes. Yep, those are my kids!

Of course, the teachers were also part of this fun ritual. Fancy duds all around! Of course, I wear fancy duds every day, so all I had to do was decide which clothes I wanted to wear for a picture that would be hanging on the hallway for the next year. My wife suggested I wear my blue shirt with my gold-yellow tie with blue and white accents. I was leaning more toward my blue shirt with my orange and blue striped shirt. When it was clear that the choice could not be made between the two of us, I did what every rational young adult would do: made an appeal to the Internet. Of course, only one person responded with an actual answer, but that was good enough for me–orange and blue! I also finally got a haircut last night, something I had been neglecting for several weeks.

Despite the school holiday-that-was-not-really-a-holiday, we did take time to get real work done today. The morning went very well, particularly when I met with my reading groups and had the students working independently on literacy assignments. While working with one of my literacy groups, a girl in the class made this gem of a statement that I jotted down so I could remember:

All you have to do is read 50 pages a day!

When the group saw me write it down, they asked for me to post it on the blog. So there you go, members of the Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH reading group!


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