The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.


After a busy morning of researching the weather using a variety of books in our classroom, I decided to use my clothespins that have students’ names on them to randomly select students who wish to use the computers in the classroom during Read, Write, Think! this afternoon. This seemed to work rather well, as I am hoping to get a wider variety of content from students who wish to update this blog. The following is a joint-effort by two students in my class:

Today was Friday and we are in Read, Write, Think. Earlier in the morning Mr.Valencic told us that we are going to do another project, this time independent. This project will be about the thirteen colonies. Each student got to pick a colony to research.

On another note, today was mix and match day. Mr. Valencic claimed to have mix and matched something, but not many of us know what. Mix Match is about mixing the way you wear your clothes. Today I forgot it was mix match and I didn’t wear mixed clothes.

Here are some examples of what was mix matched: socks, shoes. hair, jewelry, and clashing designs for the shirt and pants. We also had a few kids wearing clothes backwards.

Today was the first sun in a long time.

For those students who may be reading and are wondering, I was wearing a brown belt with my black shoes today. That was my mix-match. The colony research project will be the first time the students have done a completely independent project in my class. We created a list of questions to be answered, which I will use for the students’ rubric. I am excited to see what kind of reports we will see!

By the by, for any parents interested in viewing students’ storybirds, please send me an email and I’ll set you up on our class account!


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