The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Young Authors

I love reading and I love writing. I don’t think anyone who knows me or reads this blog is at all surprised by this. I also love sharing my love of reading and writing with others, especially my students.

So when this year’s Illinois Young Authors Contest came rolling around, I jumped on the chance to encourage my students to participate. And when the opportunity to help with judging came up later, I jumped on that, as well.

There were a total of seventeen entries submitted within our building. Seven of them came from my own students. The seventeen stories were judged by a panel of teachers, with two of us reading each story. Of course, I was not permitted to read the entries submitted by my students; if fact, I did not even see the titles when they filled out their entry forms.

Which I why I was so surprised to learn that the first-place winner in our building came from my classroom. I was even more surprised to learn that two more entries from my classroom were among the top six finalists for our building. The other authors were all recognised for their contributions as well.

To celebrate their efforts, I invited the eight students in my class who sent in entries (two girls co-authored a piece) to come to the front of the classroom to receive their certificates and to have their pictures taken. I then invited them to share selections with the class. Their classmates were all very supportive as they listened to their stories and celebrated their efforts.

I am so proud of the young authors in my class!


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