The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

One Day

One day. That’s all the time I’ve been given to be with my class this week. No school on Monday because of Presidents’ Day, no school on Friday because of Staff Development, and no school for me on Wednesday or Thursday because of a professional conference I am attending.

I’ll admit, the timing could be better. ISAT testing starts in less than two weeks, but I’ve only got working days remaining to help them prepare. However, I am excited to attend this conference. It is sponsored by the Illinois New Teacher Collaborative. The purpose is to examine the success of new teacher induction programs, find ways to continue to promote such programs, and, of course, have opportunities to network with other professionals.

So, what did I do with the one day I had this week? I followed our regular schedule. We went to the computer lab in the morning, followed by our weekly library time and then literacy. The morning was wrapped up with math groups. After lunch, we had our daily review of the morning and I read a few chapters from Holes while the students listened and/or read along. More math and then we went to our buddy reading partners’ classroom to share reading with each other.

The day quickly wrapped up with our afternoon review, recess, and dismissal. I spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening making my plans for tomorrow and Thursday. I hope the plans I’ve left are sufficient, intelligible, and useful. I hope the students have a great rest of the week. And I hope that they will continue to learn, whether I am there or not!


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