The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Overheard in the Classroom III

Every now and then I have something happen in my classroom that I just can’t help but share. This has become a mini-series of sorts on this blog, as noted here and here. Today I had one of those moments.

After a day of working in the computer lab, going to library, returning to the computer lab, doing an amazing 45-minute stretch of silent reading (during which I was able to read on my own, too, for the first time this year–huzzah!), and working on math, my class spent the afternoon with their 2nd grade buddy reading partners.

My students have spent the past three weeks on independent research projects. I told them that the projects were due this week, and was very glad that quite a few did indeed have them ready to be presented. They are going to be sharing their projects with the class tomorrow, so I suggested they practice with their reading buddies this afternoon.

One of the girls in the class came to me halfway through her practice read and said the following:

Mr. Valencic, I don’t like how this word sounds. Can I borrow a pencil so I can change it?

I didn’t have a pencil, but I did let her use my pen. Then I made a note of what she said, because it was just so awesome! Of the many strategies suggested to writers, one is to share their writing with others. Another is to read your writing aloud. By doing both at the same time, this student was able to recognise a simple change she wanted to make in her writing. Moments like this are why I do what I do!


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