The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.


With just a couple of months of school remaining, we’ve started a new program in our building, focusing on promoting fresh produce. The students will learn about a variety of fruits and vegetables each Tuesday and Thursday, and have an opportunity to sample them. This is a program that has been used in other schools with a large degree of success and, because we were able to get a grant for it, our building has decided to go with it.

We started today with pineapple. I asked my class to share with me what they knew about pineapples, but I prefaced the question by qualifying that I wanted to know what they knew other than the fact that SpongeBob SquarePants lives in one under the sea. After they listed things they knew, such as the colour, taste, texture, and use (such as in cakes).

Then I shared some interesting facts, like how pineapple got its name (essentially, Europeans are weird–they thought the plant, actually called an ananas, looked like a pine cone but had the texture of an apple), and the fact that the world’s largest pineapple maze is in Hawaii.

After the brief discussion, everyone had a chance to sample the pineapple, although nearly everyone had tried it before. They enjoyed it considerably. I hope there is the same positive reaction with the other fruits and veggies we’ll be trying over the next several weeks!


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