The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

The 2012 Wiley Walk-a-thon

Back when I was a kid, it seemed like we were always doing fundraisers at school. Bake sales, wrapping paper, cookie dough, and candy bars were constantly being advertised and we were constantly being asked to help sell these items. Most of the time, I honestly had no idea what the fundraisers were for, but not always.

Nowadays, the rules governing school fundraising are much different. I once had a conversation with my principal about these rules, and I was surprised to learn how much goes into any kind of fundraiser in the school. The complexity of the process helped explain why we do so few fundraisers throughout the year. Other than the regular Scholastic Book Fairs that help raise money for the PTA to buy more books for the building, the only other major fundraiser we have is the annual walk-a-thon held at the end of each year.

This year’s walk-a-thon was held this morning. We were quite worried it would have to be postponed due to inclement weather, but the rain held off until noon. Each class was scheduled for a time to go outside and walk laps around the the front of the building. (We have sidewalks conveniently arranged to facilitate this activity.) Students were encouraged to ask neighbours, relatives, and family friends to pledge donations for each lap the students walked. Laps were tracked on simple wristbands we gave the students before we started our block of time.

My class was scheduled for 30 minutes, but we were told we could take more time if we wished. We ended up walking for about 45 minutes. In that time, my students completed a total of 256 laps, which is equal to approximately 42 miles! I don’t know how much money was raised as a result of the walk-a-thon, but I am excited to know that my students were able to set goals for walking laps and to help raise money for our school.


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