The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Class Lists Posted!

Class lists for the coming year have finally posted, which means I no longer need to dodge questions about whether or not a given student will be in my class or the other fourth grade class in our building. I am excited about the students I will have in my class this year!

Of course, as is my policy for blogging, none of my students will be mentioned by name, nor will any of the men and women I have the great pleasure to work with in my building.

After spending the morning and early afternoon meeting with my colleagues and discussing what we had done over the summer and plans for the coming year. We also went over some changes in procedures, such as the new lunch system that our district’s food provider, Aramark, is rolling out. It was a lot of administrative details that I find absolutely fascinating (no, really, I do), but I am sure others find them rather dull. But hey, that’s okay.

A highlight of my afternoon was seeing several of my former students as they came to the building to see whose class they would be in this year. They were excited to see me, not a few made comments about my hair (yes, I know, I need to get it trimmed and shaped tomorrow), and then they told me about what they knew about their fifth grade classes. (At this point, it was only that they will be smaller than our fourth grade class and that there will be far more girls than boys in the classes.)

I will be going into the building again tomorrow to finish up my pre-student preparations. I definitely need to get some materials put away and organised, but I will be ready when Monday comes!


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