The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

The Start of a Regular Schedule

After a week of practicing expectations, rehearsing procedures, modeling behavior, establishing routines, and building community, we got started with our regular schedule today. Each of the students has a copy of the schedule in their C.O.Y.O.T.E. binders, and I was pleased to see some of them referring to it from time to time as we got going.

Our day started with journal writing and a social/emotional learning lesson on developing empathy, particularly in terms of acknowledging different feelings and different attitudes.

After P.E. (another day of dodgeball–one more to go before we move on to a physical fitness routine next week), the students went to fine arts with the art teacher.

The remainder of our morning was spent working on math, during which we started our first unit on number sense and place value. Each student has been given a whiteboard and eraser to keep in his or her desk for math. We started our math by discussing what numbers actually represent. The students gave a variety of answers and then we focused the responses to understand that numbers are usually used to represent labels, counting, measures, and positions. After going over several examples as a class, the students were given a practice sheet to complete. We did the first six together and then the students did the remaining problems on their own. We reviewed the answers right before lunch, and then the boys and girls put the practice sheet in their C.O.Y.O.T.E. binders to keep at home.

Our time after lunch was filled with our literacy block. I read more of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and then we broke out our reading anthology for the first time to start our first unit on journeys. I asked the class to think about journeys and what makes something a journey. They shared that a journey is exciting and unique, which is why a routine trip the grocery store wouldn’t be a journey, but your first trip the grocery store would be! Then we read along with an audio recording of the story Akiak by Robert Blake. I divided the class into four groups and they worked on a set of questions reviewing details from the story and getting students to think about what they had read.

Instead of going outside for recess this afternoon, the class had the opportunity to practice walking silently in the halls. Before we started walking in the halls, we talked about the hallway expectations and then I shared with them my pebble jar that we will use to keep track of compliments the students get in the halls. Just today they earned four pebbles in the morning and six pebbles in the afternoon!

The day was wrapped up with an independent silent read and then the students got their mail (including their first math homework assignment!), packed their bags, and the day was over! I feel like the first day of our regular schedule went well! Here’s to hoping day two goes just as well!


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