The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.


Today is Hallowe’en (or Halloween for those who don’t like the use of the apostrophe). So, of course, all the students were super excited for our annual Hallowe’en Parade and class parties.

However, I made sure my students knew that the celebrations didn’t start until two in the afternoon, which means we had a solid day ahead of us before we’d have our party. I am a cruel teacher, I know.

We did social studies, with the students selecting the European explorers they are going to focus on for the second independent research projects. Then the students used our collection of books from the library on the explorers to start learning more about their explorers.

After drama class, we did our last lesson on our mini-unit on geometry. The focus of the lesson was finding area and perimeter of irregular shapes. We discussed how our knowledge of squares, rectangles, and parallelograms can be used for find the area and perimeter of irregular shapes by dividing them into known polygons. We did several examples together as a class before the students worked with partners to complete the in-class activities.

Following lunch we read more from A Wrinkle in Time and then we cleaned up the room and read silently for about twenty minutes before finally getting ready for our costume parade. Some of the students had costumes that they could put on in the classroom; others needed to go change in the restroom. We had a wide assortment of costumes this year, some traditional, some modern, some geeky, some quirky. I layered on my various geek fandoms by wearing a hoodie with a brown jacket like Dr. Leonard Hofstadter), my T.A.R.D.I.S. shirt that I got last year, my Don’t Panic towel that one of my best friends gave me when I graduated high school, and my Harry Potter wand from a Hallowe’en party I attended five years ago. Students asked me who I was supposed to be and I explained that I wasn’t a who, I was a what: a geek. (At least one person told me that I couldn’t consider that a costume, since that it what I am. However, I told students that I was what I am.)

We had several parents come to help with the party, where we had snacks, treats, drinks, and games. Then we cleaned up at the end of the day and then the students were off for home! Now my wife and I are sitting at home watching shows and wondering if any kids will come by our house.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!


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