The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

One-On-One Conferences

Several weeks ago, I took the time to meet with each of my students one-on-one. I invited each student to step into my office–actually just the space around my desk, which students are not allowed to enter unless invited–and share with me their thoughts on the best and worst thing that happened during the first quarter of the year. The conferences went very well, so I’ve decided to use this strategy more than once.

I met with many of my students today to discuss their progress on their personal narratives. We started working on the narratives a few weeks ago after reading a story about various families in New York City gaining their United States citizenship. The story was entitled A Very Important Day. I asked each student to think about a very important day in his or her life. The students have had time to work on their narratives during our literacy block in the afternoon.

Meeting with the students has allowed me to check their progress and provide feedback on their writing. Some of them have made a great deal of progress and needed some direction on the editing process. Others have not written as much and needed to be reminded of the specific goals of the writing assignment.

Due to time constraints, I was not able to conference with everyone today so I will finish the conferences tomorrow afternoon. I enjoy being able to meet one-on-one with the members of my class. It is sometimes hard to get to know the students well when the class size is large, so conferences like these help me to do just that. I also love meeting with my reading groups and letting them share personal experiences, ideas, and thoughts that they’ve had in small group setting. It is truly valuable to build in time to learn more about the students in my class and some of their experiences and idea that they may not be comfortable sharing in a whole-class setting!


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