The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.


Longtime readers may recall that last year, as the result of the professional inquiry group I was participating in (and still am, for that matter), I had learned about an amazing internet-based writing resource called Storybird. Using Storybird was such a big deal for my class that I ended up writing about it twice. All of my students from last year still have their accounts with Storybird that were set up by me and I learned recently that some of them are still using it, which I think is absolutely awesome.

I have been intending on getting my students started with it again this year but have been delayed due to a wide variety of circumstances. This finally changed today when I went to use the computer lab.

After taking our weekly multiplication quiz, I gave the students a brief overview of Storybird, taught them their usernames and password, gave some basic instructions and rules, and let them get started. They have an assignment to use Storybird to write an alternate ending to the classic Cinderella tale (yes, I used this same assignment last year), but they also have the opportunity to use this for any of their own writing. Some students wanted to know if they could bring their own writing into the lab next week so they could use them on Storybird. The answer is, of course, that they absolutely can! There are two ways to use Storybird: first, use illustrations to bring out stories, and second, to bring in stories and find illustrations that help finish telling the story.

I haven’t seen as eager a response to using Storybird this year as last, as far as students logging in from home and writing stories already, but I have complete confidence that this will become another excellent resource to help my students become better, and stronger, writers!


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