The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Jumping Rope

Over the summer, I worked with a few other teachers to organise all of the P.E. equipment we have in our building. After the pack-up and subsequent unpacking of equipment about a year and a half ago, the gym equipment got mixed up, and no one seemed to know what we had, nor how much of anything we had. In the course of this organising project, we sorted out all the jump ropes that our building acquired.

There were a lot. (Not, mind you, alot, which is something completely different.)

The reason for the incredibly large collection of jump ropes is directly related to the fact that our school used to regularly participate with the Jump Rope for Heart project through the American Heart Association. Every year, the building acquired a collection of jump ropes, and they were added to the old collection. So now we have a bunch of them.

So I decided we would start using them this week. After doing our warm-ups, I brought out the rolling jump rope rack and started demonstrating what could be done with the jump ropes. There are some that are on a long stick that can be used by a single person or by a group to jump as the rope comes around.

There were the speed ropes that are made of a thin plastic and can, as the name indicates, be used rapidly. Several students grabbed these and enjoyed seeing not only how fast they could jump rope, but also how high.

Quite a few students wanted to know where the double-dutch ropes were. I told them that we wouldn’t use those until Thursday or maybe next week. So they contented themselves with using the speed ropes and the stick ropes (I have no idea what they are actually called also known as a Twirl N Jump).

What I loved most about this activity in gym was how quickly the students started working together. All I did was demonstrate how to use the Twirl N Jump and everyone quickly found a friend or two and started engaging in activities that were meaningful to them because they chose them. I don’t anticipate spending an incredibly long period of time on our jump rope unit, but I will have the students use them for a brief while. Maybe we’ll start bring the jump ropes outside during our afternoon recess, too.


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