The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

The Student Teacher

For the past three days, my class has been fortunate enough to have a student teacher with us! He had already completed his full-time student teaching assignment and came to work with us for a few days to complete the last requirement he had for his initial teaching certificate.

In order to keep with my policy of not using specific names on my blog, but to avoid having to call him “the student teacher,” I’ll be referring to him as Mr. H from now on.

Mr. H had an interesting three days with us. Normally, we’d have our regular schedule with math, social studies or science, literacy (including both reading and writing), and other content area lessons each day. Instead, he was here for testing, testing, and more testing. But he did get to learn about some of our curriculum, a lot about our benchmark testing, and our guided reading groups.

Knowing that Mr. H had taught second, fourth, and sixth grade as part of his student teaching experiences, I asked him if he’d be interested in teaching the guided reading groups during the days he was here. His responsibility was to introduce the text and the reading strategy and then guide the discussion after the students had read. He did a great job with them, and it gave him experience with working with diverse groups, which was a big part of the reason he was here.

Today was Mr. H’s last day, and the students all wished him the very best. After taking a group photo (the first time I have taken a picture with all 26 of my students in it, incidentally), we wrapped up the day playing Around the World with my Grade Four BrainQuest trivia game, except the students had to compete against Mr. H instead of each other. Everyone had a lot of fun and it provided the perfect way to wrap up the culmination of his experiences.



I’m not sure when I’ll get to have a student teacher to work with my class again, but I hope it is sooner than later! I love having the opportunity to discuss what I am doing as I do it and having another teacher to help out in the classroom!


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