The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

More On Persuasive Writing

Regular readers of my adventures may recall that my students started doing some work on persuasive writing back in late November. At the time, we began exploring the use of the Inspiration software we have on our computers. We are fortunate to have a special guest working with our class to help them better learn how to use Inspiration.

Since getting back from the break, we took the first week to get settled back into our routines and began the project this week. We started yesterday by discussing the topic of the project: writing letters to our school librarian to persuade her to purchase specific books for our school library. The main aim of the work with our guest is to help the students outline their letters. She will be with us for most of this week and next. Then I will help them draft, revise, and publish their letters before delivering them to our librarian.

We started working on outlines this morning. Half of the students worked with me in the library, using paper organisers. We talked about using organisers to write key ideas and concepts, not full sentences or paragraph. Then I walked them through the organisers: introduction, three main ideas, supporting details, and a conclusion. All were working hard and focused on coming up with strong reasons for our librarian to acquire the books they want in our library.









While my group was with me, the other students were in the computer lab working with our guest. She was guiding them through the use of Inspiration and creating their own outlines.







It was a very good, very productive morning. We will do some more work this week in the classroom before returning to the computer lab next week and wrapping up. In the meantime, the students will still be doing a fair amount of writing in the coming weeks!


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