The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

New Desk Arrangement

I have a small classroom. Well, small in comparison to the other general education classrooms in my building. I know that there are schools with smaller classrooms, but my room is still small. Especially when we have twenty-six students packed in. My class was about as big last year, although I believe we peaked at twenty-eight students from time to time.

As a result of the small-size-large-class combination, I’ve found myself frustrated by what I can do with seating arrangements in the room. There just hasn’t seemed to be much that I could do. If you’ve looked at the pictures of my students at work, you’ve probably noticed that I have typically had the students’ desks arranged in four rows of either seven or eight, with an aisle down the middle. Over the past several months, I’ve frequently moved students around in order to attempt to identify an ideal placement of my twenty-six young charges with the space given.

I decided it was time to change this yesterday afternoon. I took some measurements, looked closely, and discovered that I could arrange the desks in a new way, and it happened to be a way I’d wanted to use for quite some time. It is essentially a large, open rectangle with an entrance on one side that lets me.


This has completely changed the way the room feels! I am sure it will take a few days for everyone to get used to the new arrangement, but I like  it helps all of the students track on the right thing (me) and it opens up so much space that can be used for group work and other activities!


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