The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Nothing Special

Today was an odd day for my class. We did what we usually do, and we did it the way we usually do it. As a result, it seems like nothing special happened. At least, that is what my students told me at the end of the day when we did our “Today’s Topics.”

I think we had a lot of great things happen today.

  • The students unraveled a math situation that I had to figure out for the purpose of updating our Million Minutes Challenge log. Our school hosted a family movie night on Friday. As part of the event, there was a three-minute video made to show how to track meetings. With 123 people present, we were able to add another 369 minutes to the log and we are now past the 700,000-minute mark!
  • The class continued to do volleyball drills in P.E. I’ve had them working in small groups of four to try to keep the balls in the air by bumping and setting. We are going to start working on actually volleying the ball between teams, with the goal of having some actual volleyball games going on soon.
  • The students continued their ISAT test prep, reviewing the skills we’ve discussed over the past week as they read some short passages and answered multiple-choice questions.
  • We have made a lot of progress on two-digit by two-digit multiplication. We did more practice today and will continue tomorrow, preparing us for a practice test on Wednesday and a unit test on Thursday. The boys and girls are also moving on to more complex problems, such as three-digit by two-digit and four-digit by two-digit multiplication.
  • After reading more of Anne of Green Gables to the class, I gave the class time to finish their plays based on their Revolutionary War era books. I am going to have them share their plays in a Readers Theatre format later this week.
  • I met with one of my reading groups to discuss their play while the other students did 30 minutes of independent silent reading. I read the play aloud as the members of the group listened and made corrections along the way.
  • I introduced a new way that we will be using our “APPAWS” tickets in class to provide an incentive for students to meet expectations in the classroom. Simply put, each time someone gets a APPAWS, they can write their name on a slip of paper and put it in a container. Once a week, I will draw a name from the container and the student whose ticket is drawn will get to select an item from my prize box.

Despite all of these things we did, when I asked the class what we did today, most of them responded that we didn’t do anything special. Maybe not, but we did have a wonderfully productive day! Fortunately, I was able to guide the students toward recognising some of these events as we wrote about our topics.


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