The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Valentine’s Day

It is February 13, but we celebrated Valentine’s Day at our school today. The reason for this is quite simple: the calendar for the year somehow managed to put parent/teacher conferences and our semi-annual Scholastic Book Fair on February 14. We originally had classroom parties scheduled for that day as well, but several members of the PTA realised that the combination of these three events would put a great strain on our wonderful parents who volunteer to help. So the PTA proposed a simple solution: bump the parties back a day.

After a busy day of buddy reading, art, a practice math test, ISAT prep on characters, setting, plot, and theme, and reading informational texts about the American Revolutionary War, the party finally came around.


The students were able to hand out their Valentines, enjoyed snacks, and then played some holiday games. They started with a word scramble game, followed by a crossword puzzle, and wrapped up with a word search. For each activity, they were given three minutes to do as much as they could. I decided to play along, mostly to maintain my credibility as the teacher who knows everything. (Full disclosure: I don’t actually know everything.) I was able to solve all of the puzzles before anyone else, but I didn’t accept any of the prizes. Being able to solve them quickly was prize enough for me!

The time to clean up came quickly, and I was very pleased that so many students pitched in to throw out trash, put away their belongings, and getting ready to go home. This was our last holiday party of the year, and I think it was a great success! Huge thanks to all of the parents who helped, and thanks to the students who kept their excitement under control.


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