The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Roller Coaster Day

Today was a roller coaster day. And no, I don’t mean a day that we got to ride a roller coaster. That would have been pretty cool, actually. Well, except that I am pretty certain some of my students would not meet the height requirement and that wouldn’t be much fun. At least, not for them.

Anyway, today was one of those days where things went up and down and all around. All things considered, my students had a pretty great day! We just had some hiccups along the way (or hiccoughs, if you prefer). We started off with buddy reading with our two first grade classes. After our reading buddies gave my students some hand-made encouragement packets for ISAT testing next week, they got to work on reading and filling out a graphic organiser about characters, setting, problem, and solution. We used this organiser about a month or so ago, and the results were okay. This time, though, they were awesome! All three of us (me and the two first grade teachers) were absolutely thrilled with the detail and quality work!

Then my class went to dance and hit their first bump in the day. Not such a great job following directions and listening to the dance teacher. When we got back to our classroom, they settled into our regular routines and did an excellent job staying focused and silent during our math test on the metric system. In preparation for testing protocols next week, I had all of the students stay at their seats for the full 45 minutes they were given for the test. A few forgot and started to get up to move, but they quickly returned to their sets when reminded.

We hit our second bump when I had the students switch out their math workbooks. We have been using consumable worksheets that they keep in binders. We have finished volume one, so they had to take out all of those pages (264 to be specific) and recycle them, then get their new workbooks, put them in the binders, and then put their binders away. This was a noisy process but went pretty smoothly until I had the class clean out and organise their desks. That was when the chaos erupted. It took way too long for the students to get settled, but they finally did and we ended the morning on a strong note.

The afternoon went really well, though! We took some time after lunch recess to calm down and collect ourselves with some deep breathing techniques we’ve been using all month and then the students gathered at my invisible carpet (just an empty space on the floor) and listened as I read more of Anne of Green Gables. I was nervous about selecting this book initially because it is older than most selections I read aloud (first published in 1908!!!), but everyone has been engaged in the story and the students make great predictions. We are also able to learn a lot of new vocabulary words. Today’s word was “undemonstrativeness” (a word that is so uncommon that my spell check doesn’t think it is a legitimate word). Instead of looking it up in the dictionary, I guided the students through breaking apart the affixes and the root to determine the meaning. We quickly concluded that “undemonstrativeness” is the quality of not showing emotions.

After reading, I had the students work on their social studies assignment from yesterday, as promised. Each student was able to use their own book this time (due entirely to the fact that I had one student absent and another out of the room at the time), and they were able to do their reading and complete the assignment without any problems. Of course, it took a bit longer than expected to get to work, but once they got started, they did a phenomenal job! The day ended with our weekly Read, Write, Think! activities, followed by writing Today’s Topics, cleaning up the room, and then the class was dismissed. I am very, very grateful that the bookends of our day were so great!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Don’t forget to log your minutes! We are less than 1,000 away from the 800,000 mark!


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