The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

ISAT Testing – Day Two

Today was day two of ISAT testing. The schedule of the day looked almost exactly like yesterday. There were only two differences which did, in a way, impact the entire day.

The first change was that the students went to Library instead of Dance. They were able to return and renew books and select new books, which meant that everyone definitely had something to read during the brief periods of in-between time that they could read silently after finishing a test.

The second change was probably much more impactful. A winter storm had been making its way across the Midwest and finally hit our part of Illinois right around lunch time. The students were able to go outside in the morning and during lunch recess, though, which was good. I firmly believe my students needed time to run around and use up some of the energy built up while just sitting in their seats all day!

By the end of the day, though, the snow storm had intensified enough that everyone had to stay inside. It was too cold, snowy, and slick outside. So instead of heading outside this afternoon, we just stayed in. I gave the students some time to move around the room and talk after testing, but they weren’t able to run. After about fifteen minutes, I gathered the class for another chapter of Anne of Green Gables and then we had some quiet time in the room, during which the students could read or write independently until the end of the day.

Day two went very well, despite the turn in the weather! We are now fifty percent of the way through our state testing for the year! Four test sessions down, just four more to go!


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