The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

ISAT Testing – Day Three

Today was a gruelingly long day. Not because the tests were any longer than the ones we took yesterday or Monday, though. No, I think it was grueling because it was the third (and final!) day of reading and mathematics testing and there was a lot of extended-response writing to be done!

The reading portion of the test seemed to go well for my students. All of them stayed focused and used their time wisely. Nobody finished in just a few minutes, which tells me they took time to actually read the passages and think about their responses.

The math portion was difficult for many. There were only two questions given, both of which required extended-response answers. My class was flabbergasted when they realised there were only two questions. The previous test sessions had a few dozen multiple-choice questions. Even the reading test in the morning still had some multiple-choice questions. But the math session was just two questions. We talked about the need to describe each step of the problem and then explain why each step was used. We’ve been working on this for quite some time now, but I know it is a challenge for many of my students.

They worked hard, though, and pushed on through the end! We are done testing reading and mathematics now. Tomorrow will bring the two sessions of science testing, and then we will be completely finished with ISATs!


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