The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Battle of the Books

I love the Battle of the Books. It is a great program that gets students in third, fourth, and fifth grade to read a set of 30 award-winning books written for young people. The students work in teams of eight to read all 30 books and then they compete to answer trivia questions related to the books. Several of the books are selections that are on my To Read list, including Because of Mr. TeruptOut Of My Mind, and The Name Of This Book Is Secret. There is also Love That Dog, which I read for the first time a few weeks ago when a friend purchased it for me as a gift. I don’t typically care for poetry as a genre (I’m not really sure why), but I love Love That Dog.

I am very pleased that I had a large number of my students participate in the Battle of the Books this year! There were six teams in our school, and each team had at least one or two students from my class!

Today was the official battle! The teams gathered on the stage and the students in grades 2-5 gathered to watch. Our librarian was the official scorekeeper, our PTA president was the judge, and one of the children’s librarians from the Urbana Free Library came as the moderator.




















The six teams were competing for the two slots available for participating in the city-wide Battle of the Books competition that will be held at the Urbana Free Library on Saturday, April 6. I am looking forward to going there to cheer on the students from Wiley!




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