The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Science Experiments

One of the science units of study we have this year in fourth grade covers the basic principles of force and motion. We have been reading in our science textbook and watching video presentations to learn about these principles, but I wanted to give my students the opportunity to conduct experiments to demonstrate some of these principles.

The students divided up into small groups last week and designed their experiments, using either their own ideas or suggestions they found in the science textbook. Today I gave them time to further develop their experiments before actually conducting them. I am trying to make more use of the new iPad I have for my classroom, so I took the opportunity to do another series of videos to show what the students came up with.

We had six experiments done altogether, but two of them did not work out, so I have decided not to upload these videos. Four of the experiments worked fairly well, though, and I was pleased with the diversity of ideas! So here are the videos for today:

I won’t be posting videos every day, of course, but I will be integrating the iPad into my classroom more frequently. Tomorrow we are going to start playing around with a classroom management app that I’ve heard about. (There will be more information about this in my weekly letter to parents tomorrow.)


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