The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Explicit and Implicit Details

Time is flying by and we are quickly counting down the days left of school. I’m not counting down in a way that is looking forward to the end of the year, though. Instead, I am counting down as a way to emphasise that we have very little time remaining to meet all of our learning targets for the year!

One of the skills that my students still need to master by the end of the year is reading a text closely and finding explicit and implicit details. To help them with this, I had one of my student teacher observers, Ms. G, teach a lesson today for this purpose. She did a fantastic job!

She started with a review of expectations and then she did a brief overview of explicit details (the ones that are right there in the text0 and implicit details (the ones that you know through background knowledge). Then she had the students divide into groups of four and write a newspaper article about “Mr. Valencic’s Art Museum.” She gave each group a copy of a painting that they had to describe, using implicit and explicit details, to persuade people to come to the museum. I loved how this lesson integrated reading, writing, visual teaching strategies, and social skills all in one!

At the end, the groups were given the opportunity to share what they had written. One group had Edvard Munch’s The Scream and said that it looked kind of like me. (I am still keeping my head shaved until the end of the year.) Another group discussed the work of Vincent van Gogh and shared why people should go to a museum to see his works.

All in all, the lesson went very well and I think my students were better prepared to identify explicit and implicit details from a text. I will be teaching some follow-up lessons on these skills over the next few weeks, most likely drawing from the Top Secret Project that the fourth graders undertook last year.


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