The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Day Two – Routines, Routines, Routines

Today was just the second day of school. As a result, I decided to spend more time working on routines with my class. As mentioned yesterday, my students identified six fundamental routines for our classroom: lining up, making lunch choices, getting chairs, reading the Morning Message, sharpening pencils, and going to lunch. I want my class to know these routines so that the rest of the day can run smoothly.

To help facilitate this, I allowed them to select their own groups of three or four and then each of the six groups selected one of the routines to make a poster for our walls. We worked on them most of the morning, and I think the students did a wonderful job. But, more importantly, it is their work on the walls, not mine!

IMG_0189 (2)

IMG_0189 (4)

IMG_0189 (5)

IMG_0189 (3)


IMG_0189 (1)

The other big event for today was our school-wide Expectations Boot Camp. Just as Boot Camp in the military involves intensive training and review of practices and procedures, our Wiley Boot Camp is all about making sure that every student has been taught the expectations for our school and can help keep everyone accountable for meeting (and exceeding) expectations. We did three of the four stations today: Office, Lunchroom & Assemblies, and Playground. Everyone did a fantastic job of listening to the directions and learning the expectations for these areas. Tomorrow afternoon we will do our last area, which is Hallways & Restrooms.

The one other thing we did today was some baseline testing. I wanted to know how well my students know the multiplication facts 0-9, so I gave them a 100-question test that covers all the facts and allowed them to work on it for as long as they needed. In a few weeks we will do this again as a timed test. Our Title I reading teacher also came in to administer a quick assessment for DIBELS called the DAZE. This is a three-minute test that measures how well students can select the right word from a list of three so that a sentence makes sense.

And then our day was done! Another awesome day in room 31!


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