The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Arts Infusion

We have an amazing fine arts team at Wiley! In addition to their regular work with students for dance, drama, music, or art, they have an activity they do with classroom teachers called Arts Infusion. The idea is simple: classroom teachers and fine arts teachers discuss learning standards and design a collaborative integrated unit. The fine arts teacher will provide instruction in their room while the classroom teachers provide further instruction.

The Arts Infusion project that we designed for fourth grade ties our ecosystems science unit to the art standards of colour, balance, and texture. Students will work with the art teacher to make paintings representative of an assigned ecosystem. For my class, they could choose among three: the Great Lakes, forests, and grasslands. The other fourth grade is looking at ecosystems like tundras, deserts, and rain forests. When they are all done, we will be able to display the landscapes in the halls and provide a comparison of the different ecosystems.

My class started the Arts Infusion project today with mixing colours and painting, using their hands to blend, texture, and balance. They did a fantastic job following directions, working for the entire time allotted, and thinking about the different colours found in different ecosystems.

I, of course, snapped some pictures on my iPad to capture the beginning of this project. In two weeks I will take pictures of the final products.








One response

  1. Angie

    Thanks for the blog! It’s really helpful to read about what you’re doing in class. It makes for richer dinner conversation, and it helps fill in the holes from what is described after school. I wish more teachers would follow your lead.

    September 11, 2013 at 9:31 pm

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