The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Illinois Women’s Volleyball

A few weeks ago, my fourth grade partner and I were asked if we’d be interested in taking our classes to a University of Illinois Women’s Volleyball game against Arizona State University. We of course said yes and started making plans for our first field trip of the year.

We boarded the bus this morning at 9:15 and made the short trip to Huff Hall on the U of I campus. Eight of our students were chosen to be the ball kids for the match. The rest had prime seats for watching the five sets that were to be played.

We were sitting across from the Orange Krush student cheering section and joined in several chants of I-L-L I-N-I. We also got to see some of the fun dances they do during games.

ASU won the first set, U of I the next two, then ASU won the fourth. The final set was a game of 15 with a 2-point lead, and the score near the end was 15-15. Illinois scored two more points to win the game.

The game went almost an hour longer than anticipated, so lunch was late and while there were a few students who complained, most of them were real troopers, cheering on the Illini until the very end! When we got back to school, we grabbed our lunches and picnicked outside behind the building.

It was a great trip. There are some things I have learned so that our next field trip (whatever and whenever that is) will be even better! Oh, and huge thank-you to the two parents who asked if we needed chaperones to help. We hasn’t planned on it initially, but it seemed like a good idea and turned out to be much appreciated. They helped with bathroom and drink breaks and helped us keep tabs on 45 fourth graders!

[NOTE: I have pictures but I’m writing this on my phone so I’ll get them uploaded later this evening!]








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