The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.


Ah, multiplication! That foundational mathematical arithmetic skills that is crucial to any person’s success in doing basic math on a day to day basis. What’s that, you say? You say you don’t need multiplication because you can use repeated addition, instead? Here’s what I have to say to that:



We started our multiplication unit today by looking at a multiplication chart and reviewing how to use it to find products. Then we looked at the 2’s, 5’s, and 9’s to find patterns in their products. The students found some very interesting patterns that I hope they will work on memorising; it will make the entire multiplication process much, much easier! I have encouraged everyone in the class to practice multiplication facts each evening for 5-10 minutes so that they can increase their recall time.

The Math Expressions series we will be using again this year will take us step by step by step through the process of doing multiplication, starting with basic facts and building toward multiplying two two-digit numbers. If we can move beyond that, I will be delighted, but if we can reach this point, I will be quite satisfied!



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