The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

The 2013 Wiley Walk-a-thon

Each year, our PTA sponsors a fundraiser known as the Wiley Walk-a-thon. (You can read about the walkathons from previous years here and here.) This year’s walk-a-thon was once again held in the autumn, which I think everyone agrees is a much better time to hold it than in the late spring when there are roughly a million other things going on at the same time.

My class was scheduled to walk for about 40 minutes right after music. I forgot about handing out their wristbands, which are used to track the number of laps they do, so we had to do that very quickly and then finally got outside for the walk-a-thon. A member of the PTA quickly explained the rules of the walk-a-thon (no running, students get a cup of water after two laps and a popsicle after four), and then they were on their way. I walked four laps with my class and then supervised to make sure nobody got hurt.

I decided to use one of the apps on my phone to see how accurately it could track the distance I walked. We determined last year that the route is 1,791 feet, or about 0.34 miles. So three laps should be just about one mile. According to my app, though, it took four laps to walk 0.97 miles. So, obviously, the app is not 100% accurate.

I don’t have the building-wide totals, but I did learn that my class, including me, walked 229 laps, which translates to 410,139 feet or 77.68 miles! That means that each student averaged about 3.24 miles in 40 minutes. Some students walked considerably more than others, but I am overall quite satisfied with the results of this year’s walk-a-thon. And now I feel much, much more confident about having my students build up the stamina to run a mile this year!

(On a completely different note, here is the link to the blog post that Anjanette wrote about her and Robin’s visit to our classroom a couple of weeks ago to hear reports about Great Lakes fish!)


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