The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

New Bulletin Board

We have several bulletin boards in the hallways of our school. At the start of each year, our principal asks teachers to take ownership of a board and use it well. I have one bulletin board outside my room that is currently showcasing my students’ commitment to Choose Kind. There is another small bulletin board between my room and the restrooms that I started using last year to post announcements about different school and community events.

I decided this year that I really wanted to use a bulletin board to showcase what my students have been doing with their reading buddies in first grade. I found a board that was not being used yet and offered to claim it for the year. We meet with our reading buddies once a week and every couple of weeks we introduce a graphic organiser for the partners to do together. After collecting enough samples, I decided it was time to start designing my bulletin board.

First I hunted down pre-cut letters that would fit a description. I had a late idea to make it open enough that other teachers can contribute to the board if they are interested. I also wanted it to be simple enough to capture attention. Then I had to figure out how to display the students’ work. I had three different organisers to work with: one was a six-panel comic-style summary sheet, another was a small yellow “exit pass,” and the third was a “circle story” organiser. Instead of trying to fit all of them on the board (almost 75 samples altogether!), I chose to select a few from each category that showed the diversity of students’ ideas and the stories they have read.

All in all, it took me almost 45 minutes to get the board fully designed and put up, but I think it looks pretty good. Now to get other teachers to provide samples so we can show that it isn’t just fourth graders reading with younger students!



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