The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Classroom Jobs

Well, it took me over two years, but I finally got around to coming up with formal classroom jobs in my room! Up until this point, I have generally asked for volunteers or just randomly assigned a student (or group of students) to do a given task. I had been determined to get classroom jobs started this year and, after tossing around several ideas, I came up with a final list that would work well for our class.¬†Posting our classroom jobs has also given me a use for one of the wall charts I’ve been hanging onto for some time, as well as a way to cover up the last remaining portion of my non-useable whiteboard!


(Job assignments will be identified with clothespins that have students names written on them.)


I introduced the jobs chart today but told the students that I would not be assigning jobs yet. First, I wanted to use an idea I picked up from a teacher at one of the conferences I attended this summer. (I honestly can’t remember who suggested it or which conference it was, though.) The idea is simple: before giving students jobs, they have to apply and convince me that I should hire them! (As a former small business owner, this idea appeals to me on multiple levels.) I looked around online and found a resource here that led me to this free download from TeachersPayTeachers, which is one of my favourite sources for teacher-developed, teacher-tested materials for all grades.

I explained the job application process to the class this morning and told asked them to start thinking about which jobs they would like to have and why they would be qualified to do them. We will be taking time tomorrow morning to fill our job applications and then I will make the first assignments. Jobs will changed once a week. I am excited to start this new project with my students and see how they do with taking more responsibility for our room!


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