The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Reading Buddy Celebration

Today was the last Wednesday of the semester, which means it was the last time that my students got together with their first grade reading buddies. The first grade teacher and I decided to make today a celebration and wanted the students to create something together. She found a simple wood block photo holder from Oriental Trading and I took pictures of all the buddies.

We brought the classes together about fifteen minutes earlier than usual and gave them their photo holders. Then we passed out stickers, crayons, and markers and let the students decorate their wood blocks. They worked on decorating for about 40 minutes and then we let them read together for about twenty minutes.

The wood blocks turned out really well! The students loved using the stickers to decorate and my fourth graders did an amazing job helping their first grade friends! I finally have photographs of all of the reading buddies and will be getting them printed this evening. Tomorrow we will hand out pictures and the students will be able to take them home with their photo holders or keep them at school.

Come January, we will continue working together. The first graders have definitely benefited from reading with their fourth grade friends. Their oral reading fluency has improved dramatically, their confidence in interacting with texts has gotten stronger. Additionally, my students have learned patience, leadership, and friendship, in addition to improving their own reading skills. I am really happy about how well things have gone this year and cannot wait until January to pick it up again!


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