The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Too Much Snow

For years, my wife has maintained that Champaign County exists in a weird weather bubble that causes nasty weather away from us. It gets hot in summer and cold in winter, but we rarely get heavy snowfall. This year has been quite different! From the first snowfall of the season, I don’t believe we have had a single day during which all of the snow has actually melted. This has meant, among many other things, that I have not been able to ride my bike to work in months.

It started snowing again yesterday afternoon. I held out hope that the snow would stop early enough that road and grounds crews could do their jobs but, alas, the snow resumed in the early hours of the morning and word was sent out that there was simply too much snow and not enough time to get it all cleared, so school was cancelled for the sixth time this school year.

You may have seen the video that has been making its rounds of a school principal setting his snow day announcement to music, singing it to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody.

I have to say that the phone message I received from one of our assistant superintendent’s this morning was even better! It was sent out to all of the staff at 5:45 am. Several of my colleagues have been sharing it online through different social media sites. I asked for permission, and it was granted, to share it through this blog. I hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: The song has been shared on YouTube!

Stay warm and safe!


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