The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Valentine’s Day

Astute readers will surely note that today is February 12, not February 14. So why on earth am I writing about Valentine’s Day today? Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all, we have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow evening and Friday morning, which means students have school tomorrow but not on Friday. During our conferences, the PTA holds a Scholastic Book Fair, which means that many of our parents are volunteering throughout conferences to manage the book fair. It was determined last year that if we had class parties on the same day as the book fair, we would have some parents in the building for the majority of the day. Because we appreciate our parent volunteers, we did not want to pressure them to give up so much of their time in just one day. So we moved the class parties to the day before conferences.

Because conferences fell on nearly the same days, we decided once again to move the parties back a day. So even though it is the 12th and not the 14th, today was the day we celebrated Valentine’s Day in our building. After a morning of working on literacy, social studies, science, and math with a substitute teacher (because I was in a district focus group meeting today), the students spent the first part of the afternoon listening to another chapter or so of War Comes to Willy Freeman (our read aloud right now) and then went to art. Then we cleaned up the room and got ready for our class party.

During the party, students passed out Valentines, enjoyed a variety of snacks and treats, and enjoyed having an hour to just socialise. While the parents and I discussed having games/activities planned, it was determined that the students really just like to relax during our parties. While chatting and moving around the room, several students decided to write messages on my whiteboard, signing their names, wishing each other a happy Valentine’s Day, and writing the names of things they like. (Many students like pie, I guess.)

It was a nice relaxing afternoon. We still have one more day of school this week and then a four-day weekend (due to the combination of conferences on Friday and Presidents’ Day on Monday), and then we hit the ground running toward ISAT testing in just a couple of weeks!


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