The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

New Books (But Not For Me!)

We got new books for my classroom today. Twenty-four new books, to be exact. But I suppose it is not accurate to say that they are for my classroom. The books were brought into my classroom, but, for perhaps the first time this year, not a single one of the new books that entered the room was intended to stay in the room.

You see, our PTA is amazing. Through our Scholastic Book Fairs and other means, they are able to earn points and raise money for a host of activities and resources that can be used by teachers, students, and parents. One of the things that they have done every year for longer than I can remember (okay, that’s not that long, as I am only in my third year, but still… it seems to be a long-running tradition) is to purchase one new book for every student in the entire school during the Spring Book Fair.

I believe our current tally is somewhere in the range of 284 students in our building. (At least, that is the number reported on our Illinois Interactive Report Card.) That’s a lot of books! Each student got to pick out a book during the book fair preview held last week, then the PTA ordered the books and delivered them today.

As soon as my students got the books in their hands, they were opening them and reading! I didn’t even have to say anything to them! In fact, I had to delay my regularly scheduled read aloud until the end of the day because all twenty-four of my students were already independently reading! That’s also pretty astonishing. I have a wonderful class of readers but there are always a couple who are reluctant to read during our SOAR time. But today was the exception!

So even though I don’t get to keep any of the new books, I am as ecstatic as can be! My students have new, high-interest, quality literature in their hands that they have taken home to put in their personal libraries! That’s a wonderful gift for any child, and I incredibly grateful to our PTA for making it possible!

(And don’t worry; I’ll be visiting the book fair myself today and tomorrow to add more selections to my classroom library!)


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