The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Head Cold

Head colds are awful. They are just bad enough to make you feel miserable, but not quite so bad as to justify staying home to rest. Getting a head cold over the weekend is even worse, though, because you know that even if you were to call in sick, you’d have to go in to work anyway to write up sub plans and make sure everything is ready for the day.

I can usually combat the symptoms of a head cold with regular cold medicine, but late at night I realised that the only medicine I had available at home was some night-time gel caps. I really, really, really hate medicines like that because they seem to leave my head in a fog all day long. But since I needed something to relieve the symptoms so I could at least sleep, I took some before going to bed. I was able to sleep through the night and woke up on time, but it sure was a struggle to make it through the first part of my day!

Even though I felt awful and I was still feeling the side effects of the cold medicine, I was determined to make sure that our day went about as usual! We went to the gym for P.E., several more students shared their colony research reports, we went outside for recess, and we continued to review how to divide multi-digit numbers by a single-digit divisor. And that was just in the morning! The afternoon saw our mix-up math groups also working on division, then my class went to Music. The end of the day was full of reading: another chapter of Bridge to Terabithia, Today’s Topics, and SOAR.

It was a good day, other than the awful head cold! I will not be with my class tomorrow, though, because I will be serving as an Election Judge for Champaign County during the Primary Elections tomorrow. I was hoping to be placed in the precinct that includes Wiley, but my assignment is in Savoy. I am confident that my students will have a fantastic day tomorrow while I am performing my civic duty!


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