The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

A Visit from the UMS Music Program

Following what I hope will be an annual tradition, the entire student body at Wiley today was given a special concert by the Urbana Middle School music program. Featuring the 8th grade ensembles for strings, choir, and band, we were able to listen to a wide variety of music and enjoy a break in the middle of the week as we lead up to the final days before Spring Break.

I love it when the middle school and high school music programs visit. It was always a highlight of the week when the high school in my community growing up visited our school. I still remember the time in grade school when the high school madrigals program visited and gave a silly rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas. When I was in high school, I got to visit the grade schools in the community with the jazz ensembles and the show choirs. (I was in the jazz ensemble my freshman year and then served as their chief sound engineer for the following three; I was also the sound engineer for the show choir.) The jazz ensembles and show choir also went on performance tours together around the community, which was always a wonderful experience!


So I love it when my students now get to have similar experiences. Even if they do not decide to play a musical instrument, join a choir, or get involved in theater, I want them to know that they can. I want my students to consider the wide range of possibilities available to them. I also want to expose them to everything the fine arts have to offer. I know that they know about popular music; they sing it and dance to it every day. I want them to know what else is out there.

My class  really enjoyed the performances from the eighth graders they saw today! It was also great that the music directors identified those students who had gone to Wiley in the past. I hope that I will see my own students up there on the stage and on the concert floor in a few short years. I also hope that any students who are currently playing an instrument, singing in a choir, or competing in an athletic competition will let me know. While I can’t always make it to performances or games, I would love to go if I can!


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