The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Intermediate Informance Assembly

The music/dance/drama teacher for the intermediate classes this year has done some amazing work with Wiley’s third, fourth, and fifth graders. The students have been working hard throughout the year. This last quarter has been their dance block. In addition to meeting with them during their regular fine arts time, she has been taking the fourth grade classes to work on dances and songs related to our social studies units throughout the year.

Today, though, the intermediate classes were putting on what she called an “informance,” or an informational dance to show what they have learned. Earlier in the day, she asked if we could bring our two fourth grade classes together to practice their dances for the afternoon. After running through their performances a couple of time, my fourth grade partner and I decided to utilise our time in the gym for some more practice so the classes could work at syncing up with each other. I think the extra practice really helped! It also let us, as their teachers, see who was paying attention in fine arts classes!

The assembly started with the third grade classes each doing a dance. It was really cool watching how the classes have come together to learn these dances. The fifth graders also did two dances, one inspired by traditional African dance and one from their upcoming musical. But as much fun as those were, my interest was, of course, on the middle performances of the fourth graders!



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