The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

The Best Day of My Life

Today was the first day of the new school year for my fourth graders! We spent much of the day getting to know one another, discussing plans for the year, setting expectations, going over routines, and getting settled in. In other words, a fairly typical first day of school.

I chose to use a picture book for our very first read aloud, with our first chapter book starting tomorrow. The selection I read today was a story by Patricia MacLachlan, perhaps best known for Sarah, Plain and Tall, winner of the 1986 Newbery Medal. The story today was What You Know First, a short story about a girl who has to move from her home that she knows to a place that is new and unfamiliar. In this short but touching tale, we are drawn to thinking about how we take what we know wherever we go. I tied this to how all of my students have gone from something they knew, third grade, and have moved to something completely new, fourth grade. They were great listeners and shared some wonderful insights about moving and doing new things.

I also wanted to have a writing assignment today. During the summer I became familiar with a song by American Authors that has become something of a theme song for me and many of the young adults I work with through the Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute. Even though I wasn’t able to go to the Institute this year, I was still able to connect and knew that I would be using this song with my class. I thought this would go well with our story, also, since there are two ways to respond to change: fight it or embrace. In the story, the girl wanted to fight it until she realised it was an opportunity to share what she knew and to take her experiences with her as she created something new. When we have change, we can embrace it and make the best of it, or we can fight against it and harbor resentment. I choose to make the best of each change, each experience, each day.

We watched the video, which I downloaded and saved to avoid any inappropriate advertisements which, unfortunately, I can’t control if streaming, twice and then I gave the students their first writing assignment: with a partner, using words and pictures, describe the best day of your own life. It could be something real, something imagined, or something longed for. We are going to use the work today as a seed for a lengthier writing assignment that I will display on one of our hallways bulletin boards. Today was just to get used to writing again and to get the ideas started.

Some students wrote about special holidays or cherished family traditions. One wrote about adopting their family dog. (Inspired, possibly, by the lyric music video we watched.) Others chose to take a fantastic route, writing about gaining special powers, like controlling weather or fire. All of them were working during the short period of time allotted for the activity.

Today was a fantastic start of the year! There were no fights, no arguments, no overturned desks (except when I did so as a non-example of how to deal with a challenging situation), and no melt-downs. Just twenty fourth graders who were working, following directions, listening, and getting ready for the best year of their lives (at lest so far). My challenge to my students, and to myself, is to make every day the best day. I am hoping today was a foreshadow of what our year will be like!


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