The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Open House!

We had our Wiley Elementary School Open House tonight! It was wonderful having students come in with their parents and show off the classroom! It was also great to get to place faces with the names that I have seen, either on student contact forms, in emails, or in text messages. It was also nice to place faces to the voices that I have heard on the telephone. I am grateful to all the parents who stopped in to say hello, to ask questions, and to offer to help out in the classroom.

I strive to have an open door policy for my room. Parents are always welcome to visit, to volunteer, to share their areas of expertise, or just to remind their children that they are just a phone call away. (That being said, I work really hard at not having to call parents during the day because I want my students recognise that the person in charge of them during the day at school is their teacher!) I do ask that parents call, email, or text first (I personally prefer emails because they are an easy way for me to keep track of communications) just so I can make sure that we will be in the room during the time they are planning a visit.

Ms. Schultz, my student teacher this semester, was able to come this evening as well. She wrote a brief letter of introduction for parents but also stayed around in the classroom to talk and to answer questions. We are still in the process of making plans for her time with us, but I was glad she came to help reinforce the idea that she is a teacher, too.

To prepare for the Open House, my students helped clean the room at the end of the day. My bulletin boards outside the classroom are still bare because we are working on our first hallway project, but the room was neat and tidy and ready to be presented as a positive learning environment.

Thanks again for everyone who was able to make it! I am looking forward to another wonderful year of teaching fourth grade at Wiley!


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