The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Skype Chats

One of my good teacher friends and former coworkers has been increasing her use of technology in the classroom over the past few years. She and I often discuss resources, strategies, and projects that let us reimagine our roles as educators.

One of the resources she and I have both wanted to use more often has been Skype. I was able to use it last year to bring a favourite author into the classroom. I’ve also used it to let students chat with experts and visit other classrooms. Because my friend’s students are in first grade and will be doing an author Skype chat soon, she wanted to know if I’d be willing to do a practice chat with her class this afternoon.

Since I want my students to learn how to Skype, too, I readily agreed. We set a time and I had my student rearrange the room so that we could do the chat. Of course, the computer I was using wasn’t connecting properly and the projector was acting up, but I was able to connect our classrooms using my iPad. The visit was only about 10 minutes, but it was fun reconnecting and even better was when my students realised that this teacher used to be their teacher!

I love incorporating technology in the classroom. I hope to move us from substitution and augmentation to modification and redefinition as more resources are made available and easier to use!


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