The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.


After last Friday’s discussion about the negative energy in our classroom and our plan to focus on the positive, I was curious to see how things would unfold today. Would the students remember our conversation and make an effort to try to be more positive and more focused on what is going right, or would they fall back into old habits?

The day started pretty well and I used our morning meeting time to remind students of our goal to focus on positivity. I appreciated the willingness of the students to adopt this new focus. Old habits die hard and it is going to take a long time for this to become a new norm for our classroom, but I have already seen a small change.

Students who used to give up easily and declare something too hard were willing to ask for help and try it. Once they got a little bit of help, they were willing to do the rest on their own. Students who used to constantly focus on what everyone else was doing were more focused on their own efforts and doing what they needed to do. Students who would deflect redirection and try to blame others were willing to accept consequences and move on.

To help everyone, including myself, stay more positive, I wore my new bright yellow shirt today. I was surprised by how many students commented on it. My class apparently pays a lot more attention to my wardrobe than I thought! I think I stayed more positive, my students stayed more positive, and the class as a whole was much more focused and relaxed throughout the day! My hope is for this new culture of positivity to grow and impact students, teachers, and families.


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