The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Basketball Drills

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had my students doing different things with basketball over the past couple of weeks. I’m not really sure why I decided to do it, actually. I don’t play basketball, although I’ve joined a pick-up game here and there. (Due to my lack of depth perception that is a result of being blind in one eye, I’m not particularly good and throwing an object through another object that is a great distance away.) I also played basketball with some buddies in high school during gym class, although I preferred just walking laps around the gym and talking with my best friend.

Anyway, I have somehow managed to find myself trying to teach my class some basics of basketball. Because even though I’m not particularly good at it, I understand some of the mechanics and I have enough students who want to play that I figure they may as well learn how to play right. Fortunately, we have a great resource in our building for helping with this: our speech and language pathologist, who is a former high school and college basketball star. She did some basketball training with fifth graders last year and I asked her if she’d be willing to help out with my fourth graders this year.

She agreed and came in this morning to help out. Something you may notice: she’s got quite the baby bump going on, but that doesn’t stop her! She stepped in, took charge, and got my students learning how to complete step passes, bounce passes, overhead passes, and right-side lay-ups!





It was fantastic! (And, until she explained and taught these, I honestly had no idea what they were.) She modeled each of these for the class before having them do them, but it was quite a shock to many of the students to see this pregnant lady run down the court and complete a lay-up as if it was nothing!



She graciously helped the students, coaching and coaxing, encouraging and supporting, all while helping them learn better control. We don’t have school next Friday (a staff development day on Hallowe’en), but I think she’s going to try to help us a few more times on Fridays, if her schedule will allow it.

I’m very grateful to have access to such remarkably talented people in my building, and I am even more grateful to those who are able to find a spare moment or two to step and and help out. (And yes, I try to do the same with the talents I have, such as troubleshooting technical issues and supporting teachers and students with instructional technology!) Thanks, Mrs. Clark!


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