The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Everything Falling Into Place

Every now and then, despite everything, things just seem to fall into the right place at the right time. We had one of those times todaay. Ms. Schultz is finishing her time with us next week, so she taught one of her last math lessons this morning. (We normally do math in the afternoon but we do it first thing on Wednesday so there is time for Learning Buddies in the afternoon.)

During the math lesson, the students learned different strategies for solving multiplication problems. Ms. Schultz modeled the strategies then had the students talk her through the steps. After guided practice, they were given time to work independently out of their workbooks. Those who finished early were allowed to do differentiated practice with their Chromebooks.

Our math block usually lasts about 30 minutes or so before the students start to get distracted. Not so today. Ms. Schultz started the math lesson at 8:30. At 9:30, the class was still working! I ended up giving them the choice to continue working on math until 9:45 or starting Writers’ Workshop. Several students decided to keep working on math, but the great thing was that all of them were working on writing at 9:45 and they continued on until 10:30!

After two solid hours of work, I knew it was time for the class to take a break! It was a great morning! Not because the students were quiet (although that was nice) but because everything really did just fall into place. The afternoon went equally well, with the class finally earning their last pebble for our reward jar by getting an excellent report in music! We will be having a class celebration soon to acknowledge earning all 168 pebbles that go in the jar!


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