The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

PARCC Testing – Day Four

As a test administrator for the PARCC exams, I have an obligation to actively monitor the testing environment throughout the exam period. That means that I need to move throughout the room and ensure that students are doing their own work, maintaining respect of others’ space, and not talking to others.

Because students are testing in the computer lab, I could just position myself at one spot in the back of the room and keep an eye on all of the students, but I have learned in my career that a part of actively monitoring is maintaining proximity. So instead of just sitting in one place, I have been walking throughout the computer lab. That means I have done a lot of walking this week!

I tried to use a pedometer yesterday to see how many steps I took, but I apparently selected the one pedometer in my classroom that was broken. It only recorded four steps for the 90 minutes the students were testing. Since I know it is more than 4 steps to cross from my room to the computer lab, I knew that numbers were not recorded.

So today I pulled out two different pedometers and used both of them while testing was going on. The students had 60 minutes to complete the first math section today. One pedometer logged 2,593 students. The other logged 3,821 steps. Averaging the two and then rounding, I can safely guess I walked something in the neighbourhood of 3,200 steps. Since each step I take is about 2.5 feet, I walked 8,000 feet or nearly 2,670 yards. That is more than twice the length of a football field. That is also about 1.5 miles, or the distance between my school and the Urbana Meijer.

That’s a lot of walking!

Assuming I do that much walking or more each day of testing, I can estimate that I will have logged over 7.5 miles in the computer lab this week!

One more test session this week!


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