The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Establishing Routines

A big part of building our community each year is establishing not just group expectations and norms, but also routines, no matter how mundane they may seem. And so it is that I spent the majority of the morning with my new young scholars discussing our routines for things such as lining up, making lunch choices, getting pencils or tissues, or using the restroom.

Because of a successful DonorsChoose project that I ran over the summer, I was recently able to acquire a new HP Pavilion Mini computer. This is a compact Windows-based computer that works perfectly with my Promethean ActivPanel Touch interactive board. (Similar to other interactive whiteboards except that it is a 70-inch monitor with touchscreen technology instead of a board with a separate projector.) With this fantastic tool at my disposal, I am able to use Google Slides to prepare short presentations to use at the start of each day so that students can both see and hear what they are expected to do.

I used a presentation yesterday to introduce myself to the class and help them learn more about what they could expect for the coming year. This morning’s presentation focused on routines and procedures. Instead of just writing them all out, I realised it would be much easier if I simply embedded the presentation right into this post! So here it is!

There are other routines and procedures we will need to go over as the year progresses, but I felt like these were the most important to establish from the start. What are others that we should add to our document?


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