The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Student Guest Post 2: Open House

This is the second student guest post of the year. Once again, I share it with no editing or revisions

everyone go to the open house yesterday on Thursday it we had ice cream and pizza and it was nice so we had so much fun yesterday no one color in some hair at open house. And Mr. Valencic is a cool Teacher

we love him with all our hearts we do things that are really much.

The class dojo it some thing we loves much we love ever one.

One thing I am coming to love about the student posts already is how they make references to things that happened in the classroom that others may not be aware of. These posts allow my students to share their own inside jokes, even if they don’t realise that that is what they are.

Have a wonderful, safe Labor Day weekend! If you happen to be in Arthur, Illinois, for the Cheese Festival, on Saturday, be sure to find me and say hello! I’ll be hanging out near the cheese tent, of course!


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